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Summer Class: 10th Grade Reading and Writing

Summer Class: 10th Grade Reading and Writing

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Course Overview

Aimed at enhancing the literacy skills of high school sophomores. This course is tailored for 10th graders who are looking to deepen their understanding of complex literary themes, refine their writing skills, and further develop their analytical abilities.

Key Concepts 

  • Advanced Reading Comprehension: Focusing on critical analysis of themes, character development, and narrative techniques in more complex texts.
  • Enhanced Vocabulary and Literary Devices: Expanding students' vocabulary and understanding of literary devices to enrich their analysis and writing.
  • Sophisticated Writing Skills: Guiding students to produce well-structured and insightful essays, research papers, and creative writing pieces. Emphasis is placed on developing a persuasive and articulate writing style, with a focus on argumentation, organization, and detailed evidence-based analysis.
  • Grammar and Syntax: Further refining grammar and language usage to improve the sophistication of students' writing.
  • Critical Thinking and Discussion: Encouraging deeper analytical thinking and interpretive skills through class discussions, debates, and written responses to literature.
  • Research and Citation Skills: Advancing students' abilities to conduct research, evaluate sources, and accurately cite references, preparing them for more rigorous academic writing.

Who Should Take This Course

Students in their sophomore year of high school looking to strengthen their literacy skills.

Course Duration

6 weeks, 18 hours (3 hours per week)

Course Schedule

Starts: June 25, 2024
Ends: August 1, 2024 

Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am-12pm 


11300 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego CA 92121

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