• Interdisciplinary Nature:

    APES combines concepts from biology, chemistry, geology, and more. We clarify these topics using relevant analogies and real-life examples, making it easier to connect diverse concepts.

  • Understanding Data and Graphs

    Students often struggle to interpret data or read graphs, a key skill in APES. We provide numerous exercises to help them become comfortable with interpreting and analyzing scientific data.

  • Environmental Legislation

    The historical and legal aspects of environmental science can be tough to memorize. We utilize interactive timelines, flashcards, and engaging storytelling techniques to facilitate retention.

  • Problem Solving and Math Skills

    APES involves some mathematical calculations. We help students master these skills through problem-solving sessions, integrating math in context with environmental science.

  • Relating Local Issues to Global Ones

    Environmental science involves understanding global patterns and trends. We help students relate local environmental issues to global ones, giving them a broader perspective.

  • Sustainability and Resource Management

    These can be complex topics to understand. We use case studies and scenario-based learning to provide a deeper understanding of how sustainability is applied in real-world contexts.

  • Case Studies

    We incorporate a wide range of local and global environmental case studies to illustrate concepts, such as the impacts of climate change or the consequences of deforestation.

  • Simulations

    We use digital simulations to demonstrate ecological phenomena or illustrate the impacts of human activities, such as simulations showing the consequences of overfishing or habitat fragmentation.

  • Field Observations

    If possible, we encourage local field observations. Seeing real-world examples of concepts like biomes, succession, or biodiversity can greatly enhance understanding.

  • Data Analysis

    We incorporate exercises in interpreting environmental data, such as understanding population growth charts or analyzing climate data. This reinforces quantitative skills while deepening the understanding of environmental trends.

  • Scientific Research

    We guide students in exploring current environmental research, encouraging them to read and interpret scientific papers. This highlights the practical application of the concepts they're learning.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

    We introduce students to the process of environmental impact assessment, a crucial tool in environmental planning and decision making.

  • Advanced Science Degrees

    Our Science tutors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the subject, backed by strong academic credentials. With degrees in science or related disciplines, they bring a deep understanding of scientific concepts to the table.

  • Experience Teaching Science

    Our tutors are skilled educators who have honed their teaching methods through experience and training. They employ a variety of effective instructional strategies, adapting their approach to suit individual learning styles.

  • Friendly Personality

    Our tutors embody warmth and approachability. They foster an engaging learning environment, facilitating open communication and making students feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

Example AP Environmental Science Tutoring Packages

We offer diverse and flexible options, catering to your child's unique needs and your family's schedule. Choose from ad-hoc sessions for immediate needs, to long-term plans for ongoing support.

Our most common tutoring plans:

  • Semester Support

    This package offers regular tutoring sessions for an entire academic semester, ensuring consistent support for the student. The frequency could be 1-3 times per week depending on the need.

  • Monthly Intensive

    This offers more frequent sessions over a one-month period. This could be suitable for a student who needs to catch up quickly or prepare for an important exam.

  • Ad-hoc Sessions

    For students who require tutoring on a more sporadic or as-needed basis.

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