• Vast Terminology

    Psychology has an extensive vocabulary, and students often find it challenging to remember all the terms and their meanings. We employ mnemonic devices, flashcards, and regular quizzes to reinforce these terms and improve recall.

  • Understanding Research Methods

    Many students find it difficult to understand and interpret the various research methods used in psychology. We clarify these methods with real-world examples and provide plenty of practice in interpreting research findings.

  • Applying Theories to Real Life

    AP Psychology requires students to apply theories to everyday scenarios. We use relatable examples and role-playing exercises to enhance students' understanding and application of psychological theories.

  • Interpreting Statistics

    Students often struggle with the statistical aspect of psychology. We provide simplified explanations and ample practice problems to help students understand and comfortably handle statistics in psychological research.

  • Neuroscience Concepts

    opics like brain anatomy, neurotransmitters, and brain functions can be challenging. We use visual aids, models, and interactive activities to simplify these complex concepts.

  • Human Behavior and Disorders

    Understanding human behavior and mental disorders can be overwhelming. We present these topics in a sensitive, relatable manner and clarify misconceptions to aid understanding.

  • Case Studies

    We delve into real-life case studies that represent psychological principles, allowing students to understand theories in practice. Famous cases, like Phineas Gage or Genie the feral child, serve as excellent teaching tools.

  • Interactive Learning Activities

    Role-plays and simulations can help students understand complex psychological theories and concepts. For example, role-playing can be used to understand psychological disorders or therapeutic techniques.

  • Mind Maps

    These are particularly useful in AP Psychology for connecting various concepts and theories. We assist students in creating mind maps for topics such as brain functions, theories of personality, or psychological disorders.

  • Flashcards and Quizzes

    Due to the extensive vocabulary in psychology, we use flashcards for memorization and regular quizzes for reinforcement.

  • Current Research Analysis

    We encourage students to analyze current psychological research, enhancing their understanding of how psychological theories are applied and tested.

  • Film and Media Analysis

    Analyzing characters from films or literature can illustrate psychological concepts. For example, analyzing a character's development using Freud's psychosexual stages of development can be a unique learning activity.

  • Advanced Science Degrees

    Our Science tutors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the subject, backed by strong academic credentials. With degrees in science or related disciplines, they bring a deep understanding of scientific concepts to the table.

  • Experience Teaching Science

    Our tutors are skilled educators who have honed their teaching methods through experience and training. They employ a variety of effective instructional strategies, adapting their approach to suit individual learning styles.

  • Friendly Personality

    Our tutors embody warmth and approachability. They foster an engaging learning environment, facilitating open communication and making students feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

Example AP Psychology Tutoring Packages

We offer diverse and flexible options, catering to your child's unique needs and your family's schedule. Choose from ad-hoc sessions for immediate needs, to long-term plans for ongoing support.

Our most common tutoring plans:

  • Semester Support

    This package offers regular tutoring sessions for an entire academic semester, ensuring consistent support for the student. The frequency could be 1-3 times per week depending on the need.

  • Monthly Intensive

    This offers more frequent sessions over a one-month period. This could be suitable for a student who needs to catch up quickly or prepare for an important exam.

  • Ad-hoc Sessions

    For students who require tutoring on a more sporadic or as-needed basis.

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