Private Tutoring

  • Elementary School: $100/hr

    Empowering young minds to build a strong academic foundation with personalized, engaging learning experiences.

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  • Middle School: $150/hr

    Tailored tutoring that navigates middle school complexities, fostering confidence and academic excellence.

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  • High School: $195/hr

    Advanced, comprehensive tutoring designed to conquer high school challenges and excel in college preparations.

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Private Test Prep

  • Single Sessions: $235/hr

    Great for students who are starting with a higher baseline score or only need help for specific parts of the test.

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  • 3-Month Plan: $7,950 (5% discount)

    The perfect test prep program for the majority of students. Includes:
    - Diagnostic assessment

    - Personalized study plan with proprietary material

    - Two 90-minute sessions each week (one English focused and one Math focused)

    - Unlimited practice tests

    - Regular progress updates

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Group Clases

  • Summer Classes: $1200

    Designed to keep your child academically sharp and ready for the upcoming school year.

  • More coming...

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