We believe that private, one-on-one tutoring is the most effective way to achieve the highest possible scores on the ACT and SAT. Our specialized sessions, available both in-person at our offices and online via Zoom, are meticulously designed to cater to the individual learning styles and needs of each student. With two dedicated 90-minute sessions per week—one focusing on math and the other on English—we provide a personalized approach that targets key areas for improvement, ensuring maximum efficiency and success in test preparation. This individualized attention is proven to enhance learning outcomes, making it the best choice for students aiming for top-tier scores.

Our Approach

Establish a starting score

Getting a baseline ACT/SAT score is key because it shows where you're starting and what you need to focus on to improve. We offer free in-person diagnostic testing every Sunday at our office.

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Design a custom study plan

Based on your baseline score and your target score, we will work with you to create a custom study plan that includes a mix of tutoring sessions, homework and practice tests.

Practice, practice, practice

Regularly meet with your tutor to work through Pivot's proprietary lesson plans. Tackle a variety of problems, learn to navigate tricky questions, and refine your strategies, all while building the confidence needed to excel on test day.

Our Results

We're proud of our track record in dramatically boosting SAT and ACT scores. Below is a random sample of student performance from the 2023/2024 academic year.

  • ACT Students

    Beckham: 30 → 35

    JD: 24 → 32

    Safa: 28 → 34

    Lainie: 31 → 34

    Aaron: 16 → 26

    Matthew: 23 → 33

    Ryan: 27 → 35

    Natalie: 23 → 29

    Olivia: 25 → 30

    Aram: 26 → 34

  • SAT Students

    Gabrielle: 1250 → 1510

    Paige: 1440 → 1520

    Sarah: 1210 → 1350

    Ariana: 1230 → 1420

    Shane: 1250 → 1300

    William: 1370 → 1450

    Stacy: 1180 → 1330

    Matthew: 1500 → 1600

    Abtin: 1240 → 1360

    Cassandra: 1070→ 1280

Example Packages

We offer flexible tutoring plans tailored to match diverse study timelines and learning styles. All of our test prep provides a complete review of all SAT/ACT sections, strategy coaching, and individual feedback.

  • 1-Month: $2,820

    A fast-paced, intensive course designed for students who have a solid foundational knowledge and just need to fine-tune their skills.

  • 2-Months: $5,360

    Strike the perfect balance between intensity and thoroughness. It is ideal for students who need comprehensive review and practice but have limited time before their test dates.

  • 3-Months: $7,615

    This comprehensive course offers a steady pace that allows for deeper exploration of SAT/ACT content areas. It is recommended for the majority of students who plan to take the SAT/ACT test.

  • Worried about budget constraints?

    Don't be! We offer group classes that provide effective and economical preparation for the ACT/SAT tests. These classes are designed to help students enhance their test-taking skills without stretching their finances

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