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ACT/SAT 2-Month Test Prep Program

ACT/SAT 2-Month Test Prep Program

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Our 2-Month ACT/SAT Test Prep Program at Pivot Tutors is designed for students seeking significant improvement in a shorter timeframe. This accelerated course combines a comprehensive review of essential test materials with intensive focus on test-taking strategies and time management. Each session is customized to target the student’s specific needs, rapidly building on existing knowledge while addressing any gaps in math and English. With a blend of personal instruction and practical experience, including simulated exams under timed conditions, students will gain the skills necessary to enhance their performance effectively. Regular feedback and adaptive adjustments ensure that every student can maximize their learning potential and boost their scores with confidence.


- Diagnostic assessment

- Personalized study plan with proprietary material

- Eight 90-minute sessions (four English focused and four Math focused)

- Unlimited practice tests

- Regular progress updates

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