Stay in State this July! 2020 July ACT Available In California

Good News! The ACT will be offered in California this July.

The July ACT, a recent addition to ACT test dates (first added in 2018), was previously not available for California students to take due to certain state legal restrictions, and students had to travel outside of California if they wanted to take this test. Last year, we prepped with students who were taking the test in Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and New York. 

This year, no need to travel outside of California because the July ACT will be offered here. However, an important note, only a select few test centers will have this test date available. By our current count, there are about 15 Southern California test centers* with this test date, but the only 2 in San Diego seem to be San Ysidro High School and Southwest High School. Most likely, spots will go fast for this summer test date, so make sure to plan ahead. For more information on locating test centers and registering for upcoming tests, click here.

The July ACT test date can be an excellent choice because students finish with AP Testing in the beginning of May and finish school by, at latest, mid-June. This date allows for students to prepare for the test without the stresses of school.

*Locations including centers in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Orange County.

Here are additional upcoming test dates for ACT:

**Fall 2020 Test Dates are NOt YET Confirmed


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