PreACT Preparation

What is the PreACT?

You’ve probably heard about the SAT and the PSAT (and if you want a breakdown on the differences between these, then head over to our previous article!). You probably also know about the ACT. But have you heard about the PreACT?

The PreACT is the ACT’s version of the PSAT: a lower-pressure, shorter preliminary test designed to familiarize students with standardized tests before they start the college admissions process in earnest. The timing is much more generous and the difficulty is lower. Targeted toward 10th graders, the PreACT is supposed to judge their likely ACT scores when they take that in 11th grade.

While some test prep is considered useful for the ACT, no preparation is recommended for the PreACT. It is not associated with scholarship opportunities (the PSAT is) and scores don’t get sent to any institution.

One unique feature of the PreACT is its inclusion of unscored activities that show how students’ interests may lead to career paths. 

Here’s how the PreACT compares to the ACT.


Basic Information

Test Formats and Content

Points and Scores

We hope this has answered all of your PreACT questions and that we’ll see you soon for any test prep!

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