ACT Social Distancing & Section Retesting Updates

June 13th ACT News

What we know:  The June 13th test date has NOT been cancelled. The ACT reiterated that all cancellations and any other updates will be announced the week of May 26th.  A make-up June ACT test date has been added on Saturday, June 20, one week later. 

If you are registered for the June ACT, be on the lookout for an email next week from the ACT or your ACT testing center! 

The ACT did release this ACT Test Center Social Distancing Guidelines, and instructions for California test centers will be sent separately. 

July 18th ACT News

The July ACT will be offered for the first time in California this year.  Prior to the COVID crisis, there were already a very limited number of southern California test centers (less than 20) offering the July ACT. Now, given the situation, the July 18 ACT test spots will fill up even more quickly. A make-up July ACT Test has been added on July 25, one week later.

Fall 2020 Section Retesting

In a webinar, the ACT released more details about the individual section retesting, which will start in Fall 2020. See previous blog post for original retesting announcement recap. Remember a student can only retest if they have taken a full ACT prior to attempting to retest in a specific section.

Main Takeaways

  • Individual Section Retesting is ONLY available online through a test center that is equipped for online testing, but section testing will NOT be available through at-home testing.**

  • Students can start to register for section retesting in July 2020. In July, the ACT will offer new resources to show students what section retesting will look like.

  • Students will be able to take up to 3 section retests on one test date, and there is no limit to how many times a student can retest in a section. 

  • Even if students did not take the essay (writing section) as a part of their original test date, they can retest in the writing section.

  • Accommodations, such as extended time, will be offered for section retesting the same as normal testing.

  • Individual section retesting will only impact your ACT score for colleges that allow superscoring.** 

**Important NOTES for our students and families:  

  1. Since a test center must offer online testing, it isn’t yet clear how many California test centers will be equipped to offer this individual section retesting.  

  2. We can confidently assume that universities/colleges who do NOT accept ACT superscoring will NOT accept ACT section retesting.

  3. Lastly, it is still uncertain whether universities/colleges who DO accept ACT superscoring will accept ACT section retesting results.  


If you have any additional questions about the ACT or what these updates mean for your test prep plan, please contact us. We will continue to keep you informed as more information is released.

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