Questions to ask your college counselor

Whether you are just starting the college application process (👋juniors!), or at the beginning of your high school career (👏 freshmen!), it is important to find and work with a college counselor who will help guide you through the wild world of college admissions. They are your #1 resource when it comes to the college application process. Ask them as many questions as you can!! 

It is up to you to take initiative and take control of your own future! This means that you have to make the most of your time in meetings with your college counselors and get answers to the questions you want to know!

Here are top questions to ask your college counselor:

  1. When should I start preparing for the college application process?

  2. How do I choose a major?

  3. How do I know which schools are right for me to apply to?

  4. Am I taking the right classes in high school?

  5. What extracurriculars are important and how should I choose which ones to stick with?

  6. What should I include in my application essays?

  7. Who do I ask for letters of recommendation?

  8. How do I ask for letters of recommendation?

  9. When should I start visiting college campuses?

  10. What do I do when I visit a campus?

  11. What should I expect during a college interview?

  12. Should I apply Early Decision or Early Action?

This list is just the beginning! Come up with your own list of questions or meeting agenda BEFORE your appointment with your college counselor.  

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