How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

Summer vacation! The most hallowed time of year for students everywhere!

But now that you are in high school, you’re probably asking yourself: how do I make the most of my summer vacation and still enjoy it??

Summertime is useful for so many things - but most importantly, it is a time for you to explore options that you may not have during the school year (because life), and time to restore yourself so that you are the most committed and best version of yourself for the upcoming school year!

  1. Sleep sleep sleep! 😴😴😴Sleep is underrated, and it is SO important in making sure you do your best work not only in school, but everywhere!

  2. Read read read! 📚📚📚Now is the time to read things that interest YOU! Reading for fun is also underrated - it can be anything! Novels, journal articles, magazines, non-fiction, blogs - just READ!

  3. Take a class! It could be a class that you don’t want to have to take during the school year (though, please don’t take an important class this way - it’s the best to do an elective that you can get out of the way, not, say, AP Lang), or an enrichment class for something that you are interested in - either way, it will probably be a lot more fun during the summer and not crammed in during the school year!

  4. Prep for a test that you can get out of the way before school starts back up! If possible, prepping and taking the ACT or SAT at the beginning of Junior or Senior year (depending on your scores, schedule, availability etc.) is a great way to have a head start on the fall semester! You will be able to prep for an important test, while still having time to have fun and enjoy summer!

  5. Find a college counselor! It could be a private college counselor, or your school’s counselor - but whoever you choose will be a VIP in helping you prepare and apply for colleges! They can also help you figure out what to do over the summer if you have specific programs/colleges you already know you’re interested in!

  6. Visit college/university campuses! Summer is a great time to check these visits off the list, especially if the schools are far away and would mean missing a lot of school to take a trip. School might not be in session, but you will still be able to get a feel for the campus and take a tour!

  7. Find a job or internship!

  8. And did I mention sleep?

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