Which Classic Movie Monster Matches Your Study Style?

What’s scarier than ghosts and ghouls? Standardized tests, probably. Whether you’re afraid of the exams lurking round the corner or trying to set up the perfect trap to catch midterms in the act, October is full of all manner of thrills and chills. Don’t forget that we offer both academic and standardized test tutoring. It would be our honor to guide you through these haunted tomes.

For now, take the edge off your fears with our fun little quiz!

Which Classic Movie Monster Matches Your Study Style?

  1. What is your prospective major?

    1. History, Arts History, or a Foreign Language

    2. Biology, Chemistry, or Pre-Med

    3. Environmental Studies or Marine Biology

    4. Business, Law, or Architecture

  2. How would you describe your approach to studying?

    1. There’s a method to my madness.

    2. It’s more madness than method.

    3. All madness.

    4. All method.

  3. Pick a study snack:

    1. Tomato juice.

    2. Uh…. when’s the last time I ate? Or slept? Or changed clothes?

    3. Swedish fish.

    4. I have no need for mortal foods.

  4. Pick a study aesthetic:

    1. An old castle, elaborate decorations, rich velvets, old letters.

    2. A mix of modern and old, electric cables coiled around stacks of notes and books, alchemical equipment

    3. Somewhere outside, or at least with a view of the water, the sound of wind in trees.

    4. Dark wood and amber, breathtakingly old artifacts and ancient languages.



Mostly 1’s: Count Dracula

Mostly 2’s: Doctor Victor Frankenstein

Mostly 3’s: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Mostly 4’s: The Mummy

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