What are TIR and QAS? How do I use them?

How to Request Your Test Booklet/Answers from SAT and ACT

Students often come away from a taking an ACT or SAT, or viewing their score reports, thinking ‘I wish I knew what I’d gotten wrong so I could stop making the same mistakes!

Both the SAT and the ACT offer services that allow students and parents to order the test booklets and answer keys for certain test dates (students must either be registered or have taken the test on those specific test dates in order to qualify).  The process is simple, but not well-advertised, and is often overlooked because families have no idea they can!

***SAT offers two very similar services: QAS and SAS (Student Answer Service).  QAS is the only service that gives you a copy of the test booklet, which is the most helpful part!  If you request SAS, you will only receive a copy of your answers, which is not helpful if you don’t know what the questions are in the first place!***  

Why should you order TIR/QAS:

  1. It will help you study!

    1. If you know which questions you got wrong, you will be better able to refine your studying and pinpoint the topics you need to focus on.

  2. You will be able to see if you missed a question because you did not understand the material, or because of a mistake like incorrect bubbling, mis-reading the question, or inverting a response, etc.  

    1. If you did not understand the material, this is where you will direct your studying--especially if it is a type of question you see popping up in multiple areas of the test

    2. If you made a mistake--oops!  Now you know what kinds of mistakes you make, and can look out for them on the next test you take!

  3. Use this service strategically!

    1. If you are a 10th grader, and have never taken the test before, request TIR and you can use it to prepare for the test you will take as an 11th grader!

    2. Take a TIR/QAS test early enough so that you can receive and go over the materials with enough time before you take your next test.

  4. If you are working with us at Pivot, your tutor can help you go through your results and decode and strategize for your next test!  Real-life examples are great for helping your tutors understand how you test and the types of problems you miss.  

Please contact us at info@pivottutors.com if you have any questions!

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