Motivation: 10 Thoughts to End Study Slumps

Some days are harder to work through than others. We drag ourselves out of bed, and even caffeine doesn’t seem to light up a spark in us. Still, we have things to do. Next time you’re feeling a slump in motivation or you’re facing down what feels like a mountain of work, get yourself going with one (or more) of these reminders!

  1. Make yourself proud. Do well for yourself and no one else.

  2. Every mistake, every set back, is a learning process and, moreover, a step forward to your goal.

  3. Tell yourself, “Just 10 minutes.” After that initial start, it’ll be much easier to keep going.

  4. Half an hour every day adds up to a lot of hours. You can’t help but succeed with that much effort.

  5. Studying is the time for mistakes and confusion. Don’t let your insecurities stop you before you’ve even gotten the ball rolling.

  6. We have a whole world of knowledge at our fingertips! Find what inspires you. Dream and learn big.

  7. Some things aren’t easy, but that just makes the payoff all the more worth it.

  8. Support yourself the way you would support a friend: with kindness, loyalty, and certainty in your success.

  9. Procrastination just makes a bigger problem in the future out of what is a small task today.

  10. Enjoy the process, not just the result.

Whether studying for standardized test prep, hashing out a college essay, or brushing up your resume and interview skills, motivation is a huge part of our success. And why shouldn’t we enjoy it too?! Sometimes we just need a reminder. Wishing you the best motivation, fun, and success!

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