May 2020 AP Exam UPDATE

College Board updated their AP Exam resources and recently released a video explaining the formatting of the test and the uploading process for the 2020 online at-home exams.

AP Exams start next week! Make sure you are prepared:

  1. Watch the video tutorial.

  2. Go through the testing demo.

  3. Know the updated days and times of your AP exams.

  4. Know the FRQs you are going to be seeing on the test. (See Previous Post)

  5. Do a sample FRQ similar to what you’ll see on the test. (College Board updated each respective course to have a sample FRQ.)

  6. Study the essential content for the test. (College Board has video review sessions available.)

May 2020 AP Exam Video Link:

May 2020 AP Exam Schedule with Course-Specific Sample FRQs Link:

Take a deep breath. You are almost on the other side of May 2020 AP testing.

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