How to Study: In Between Tutoring

Take your tutoring experience from a 10 to an 11, just by adding these simple habits and changes to your study schedule.


What to do immediately after a tutoring session

  • Review what you went over, both content (grammar rules and math equations) and strategy (how to approach a question type).

  • Ideally you have written notes during your session so it can be helpful to review and even rewrite these.

  • Be certain that you have written down your homework and understand what is expected of you. If you cannot remember your assignment, check in with your tutor as soon as possible.


Choose when to study carefully

  • It’s not great to do your homework RIGHT after your session or RIGHT BEFORE the next one. Spacing it halfway between is optimal for recall.


Do your homework and review effectively

  • Self reflection and correction: The immediacy is important even though you’ll be talking about it with the tutor eventually anyway.

  • Review the questions you got wrong. If you can understand why you got them wrong, wonderful! If you can’t, that’s what tutors are for. Mark it down to talk with them.

  • Review the questions that you got wrong and why they confused you.

  • Keep track of patterns in what you get wrong. Again, make sure to bring this up to your tutor next session


What to do in the long term

  • Every two to three weeks review the material that falls into your patterns of confusion.

  • Check in with yourself about what you feel is slipping and you want to refresh with your tutor.

  • Go over your notes. Check old assignments and see if you could get the questions that stumped you last time correct this time. Ask your tutor for extra exercises in these areas if you have the time.

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