Digital SAT Quick Facts

Soon, the standardized testing landscape will be changing once again. We plan, moving forward, to provide several deep dives in our blog posts explaining the ways the SAT will change and how this will affect our students and their college applications.

For now, however, consider this a quick guide to understanding the basics about the new Digital SAT and the most “need to know” information:


  • The SAT will be both digital and shorter than previous years.

  • This change will be complete by March 2024. Almost all students from the class of 2024 will have completed their exams before this change.

  • The test will still be scored out of 800 in each section, meaning scores will still be comparable to current scoring methods.

  • The test will be taken through the College Board App, but it is not an at-home exam. Students will take the exam either at school or in designated facilities.

  • The time will take 2 hours and 14 minutes to complete (compared to the current 3 hours).

  • The Accommodations the SAT is willing to provide and the process for getting them remains unchanged.

  • Reading and Writing will be combined into one section with a Stage 1 and Stage 2.

  • Math will be presented in one section with a Stage 1 and Stage 2.

  • The test is Stage Adaptive. This means that depending on a student’s performance in Stage 1 they will receive either Stage 2a or Stage 2b (More on this soon).


Hopefully this simple list makes it easier for you to collect and process some of the preliminary information out there about the Digital SAT. Keep your eyes open for more blogs where we will explain several of these bullet points in greater detail.

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