ACT Updates: Single Section Retesting POSTPONED

The ACT made an announcement last week regarding Summer & Fall 2020 Testing. Here are the takeaways:

1) July 18th Test Date

For the July 18th Test Date, you should be notified of whether or not your test center will proceed with the July ACT by the end of June. 

The ACT stated, “We are working with state-level officials, as well as test centers around the globe, and have asked them to provide an open/closed status update to ACT by June 24th. Students registered for the July test date can expect an update on their test center status by the end of June.”

2) Single Section Retesting Postponed

The Biggest News: Single Section Retesting has been pushed. The ACT is postponing Single Section Retesting, which is the opportunity to retake one section of the ACT rather than the entirety of it. Originally, this retesting option was supposed to go live Fall 2020, but now it is unclear when this option will be made available. 

We’ve explored this testing option in previous blog posts, such as “ACT Social Distancing & Single Subject Retesting” & “ACT Single Subject Retesting: What We Currently Know.”

3) ACT Online Update

While Single Section Retesting is postponed, the option of taking the ACT online will still be available whether at a test center or at home. It is not yet clear how the ACT hopes to offer “remote proctoring” for students to take the ACT online at home.

The ACT wrote, “ACT remains committed to offering superscoring and online testing options at selected national test centers this fall...In late fall/early winter, we plan to offer a remote proctoring solution, allowing students to take the test online, at home or at other safe and convenient locations.”

4) Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Registration

Registration for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 will open for registration at the end of July.


For the full ACT update, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help!

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