10 Random Facts from ACT & SAT Reading Sections

Each ACT & SAT has a Reading section comprised of passages on topics, such as the business model of The Grateful Dead or the migration patterns of the gray squirrel. Here is a glimpse into some random trivia gained from reading the ACT & SAT. 

  1. Helping people frequently makes you live longer.

  2. Salt can form bridges.

  3. Kangaroos have handedness, meaning they can be left-handed or right-handed like humans.

  4. People’s use of sarcasm correlates with their level of creativity.

  5. Plowing at night can greatly reduce the number of weeds in a field.

  6. All eels seem to originate from the same place: the Sargasso Sea.

  7. Underwater puppetry is an artistic form.

  8. Groves of poplar trees can be used to purify contaminated water sources.

  9. In the third century, the Greek geographer Eratosthenes figured out the circumference of the Earth, using the sun and camels. 

  10. A banana is botanically considered a berry.

When doing ACT or SAT Test Prep, many students strongly dislike the Reading sections, declaring the topics uninteresting or just a general dislike for reading. I like to approach the ACT & SAT reading sections with curiosity and encourage test prep students to do so as well. Someone somewhere decided to study the way plankton move through water or why a plant might camouflage itself, and it’s worth taking the time to see why.

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