• Translating Theory into Practice

    Students often struggle with applying their theoretical knowledge to real-life business scenarios. To address this, we incorporate practical business case studies and encourage students to come up with their own solutions, thereby enhancing their problem-solving skills.

  • Idea Generation

    Coming up with innovative business ideas can be daunting. We conduct brainstorming sessions and creativity workshops, fostering an environment that encourages idea generation and critical thinking.

  • Risk Analysis

    Understanding and evaluating business risks is a key component of entrepreneurship. We teach students risk assessment strategies and help them understand how to make decisions under uncertainty.

  • Business Plan Development

    Many students struggle with creating an effective business plan, which is a critical part of starting a business. We provide guidance on every step of business plan development, from market analysis to financial planning.

  • Understanding Legal Aspects

    Entrepreneurship involves navigating a variety of legal considerations. This can be overwhelming for students without any legal background. We simplify these concepts and guide students on how to handle legal matters related to a business.

  • Financial Management

    A firm grasp of financial principles is essential in running a successful business, but these can be tough for students to master. We break down these concepts into manageable lessons and provide plenty of practice problems to enhance their understanding.

  • Case Study Analysis

    This is a powerful teaching tool in Entrepreneurship. We use real-world case studies to demonstrate how theoretical concepts are applied in actual business scenarios. Students learn to analyze business problems, develop strategies, and make decisions, all of which are critical skills for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Idea Generation Workshops

    Creativity and innovation are at the heart of entrepreneurship. We conduct workshops that encourage students to brainstorm and come up with innovative business ideas. These sessions not only boost creative thinking but also help students learn how to identify business opportunities.

  • Business Plan Development

    Writing a business plan is an essential skill for any entrepreneur. We guide students through the process of developing a comprehensive business plan, from conducting market research to financial planning. This not only helps students understand the different components of a business plan but also equips them with a practical skill they can apply in the future.

  • Simulated Business Scenarios

    Simulation games provide a risk-free environment for students to apply their learning. They can run virtual businesses, make decisions, and see the outcome of their actions. This experiential learning method helps students understand the consequences of their decisions in a business setting.

  • Debates and Discussions

    Topics such as ethical entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, or various business strategies can be great subjects for debates or discussions. These activities foster critical thinking and help students understand different viewpoints in the business world.

  • Learning by Doing

    Entrepreneurship is best learned by doing. Whenever possible, we encourage students to start mini-projects or even actual startups. This helps them learn the challenges of entrepreneurship first-hand and apply the concepts they learn in a real-world context.

  • Advanced Business Degrees

    Our Entrepreneurship tutors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the subject, backed by strong academic credentials. With degrees in business or related disciplines, they bring a deep understanding of business concepts to the table.

  • Experience Teaching Business

    Our tutors are skilled educators who have honed their teaching methods through experience and training. They employ a variety of effective instructional strategies, adapting their approach to suit individual learning styles.

  • Friendly Personality

    Our tutors embody warmth and approachability. They foster an engaging learning environment, facilitating open communication and making students feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

Example Entrepreneurship Tutoring Packages

We offer diverse and flexible options, catering to your child's unique needs and your family's schedule. Choose from ad-hoc sessions for immediate needs, to long-term plans for ongoing support.

Our most common tutoring plans:

  • Semester Support

    This package offers regular tutoring sessions for an entire academic semester, ensuring consistent support for the student. The frequency could be 1-3 times per week depending on the need.

  • Monthly Intensive

    This offers more frequent sessions over a one-month period. This could be suitable for a student who needs to catch up quickly or prepare for an important exam.

  • Ad-hoc Sessions

    For students who require tutoring on a more sporadic or as-needed basis.