May 2020 AP Exams: Upload Issues UPDATE

As the first week of AP exams is underway, some students are running into issues with their online at-home AP Exams and uploading their responses. 

College Board released some Troubleshooting Tips:

If you have an upcoming AP exam, please take a few minutes to look over these tips, which range from making sure your browser is up to date to dealing with copy and pasting glitches.

Important Takeaways 

  • Allow for slow upload speeds. If your response is mid-upload when your timer runs out, your response will not be graded. The test is designed to give you 5 minutes for uploading. Don’t wait until the very last second to upload.

  • For tests with two FRQs, if something goes wrong with your first FRQ upload, you CANNOT submit your first and second FRQs at the same time. The first response will not be recorded.

  • Be prepared with back up plans. Go through the Test Day upload demo, and have a plan for if your initial method of uploading does not work.

  • If your exam responses show that they were not submitted, then you can request a makeup exam.

Read a complete list of common issues and troubleshooting recommendations on College Board.

Good luck with your AP Test Day!

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