We offer private ACT Prep Programs that will help your child reach their highest ACT score.  

Our ACT Programs are rigorous and comprehensive.  We provide students with the necessary structure, accountability, and thorough ACT Curriculum to help them reach their highest potential score.   We believe that the best program is one that allows students to build their skills over a longer period of time.   Students have the chance to make every possible kind of mistake and learn from all of them, take successive practice ACT tests to master the test timing and strategy, and become familiar with the pattern and diversity of ACT questions, all while not feeling like they are 'cramming.'  With our ACT Programs, we help students focus on both their challenge areas and help them further improve their existing skills for EVERY ACT section.

How much will my student’s score increase?  Each student's score increase is dependent on a variety of factors, including their baseline performance, their motivation, and the amount of quality time put into independent practice. Our programs require students to make a significant investment of their time and energy, and it pays off with score improvements that reflect their effort.  

What is is the test prep tutoring like with Pivot? We strive for our ACT sessions to not only be productive and learning focused, but to also be engaging and fun! We want our students to leave each session motivated and wanting to meet their score goals - and that involves our teachers holding students accountable for completing assignments and practice tests, and showing their students support and mutual respect throughout their process. Students should think of our ACT programs as equivalent to taking a 2 to 4 month long Honors or AP level class: they will have 3 hours of private lessons per week, 2 to 4 hours of ACT homework per week, and a 3 hour timed practice ACT Test each week. 

My child does not have enough time to do the ACT program. What other options do you offer?
All of our programs are private ACT Tutoring that can be tailored to your student's schedule.

My child only needs ACT tutoring for one or two specific ACT subjects. Do you offer subject specific ACT tutoring? 
We offer subject specific ACT Tutoring to help students with the sections they want to make score improvements in.  We offer ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, and ACT Writing tutoring sessions. Please contact us for more info

Private ACT Prep Programs are customized to each student's strength and weaknesses.

At Pivot Tutors, we offer programs that run 2 to 4 months and allow students sufficient time to learn, practice, and master the ACT test. The goals of our programs are for students to reach their highest test score by the end of our program, and for them to finish with that particular test.

During our ACT programs, students will:

  • Cover all ACT concepts one-on-one with their instructor

  • Master the test strategy for each section

  • Receive our specially developed ACT material that will help students practice and reinforce each week's private lesson concepts

  • Take a weekly timed full ACT test to practice the skills learned in lessons under testing conditions

  • Receive ACT lesson materials, accountability, and a structured plan tailored specifically to your child's strengths and weaknesses. 

Student progress is measured through practice test scores and homework completion. Our instructors will customize the each student’s lessons to build strengths and focus on each student's main challenge areas as we progress through the curriculum.

Our students are able to reach their goal scores when they follow the Pivot Tutors curriculum and complete all assignments.  Students are accountable to their instructors for completion of assignments and practice tests, and we make sure that they make weekly progress. We hope that students leave our sessions feeling more confident and comfortable with the ACT, and that we can alleviate some stress from their lives (and yours). We aim to make test prep an enjoyable process where both teachers and students are invested in seeing student educational growth and meeting goals!

Contact us to schedule a diagnostic ACT Test to get your student’s baseline score and to learn how to get started with ACT prep.

2019/2020 ACT PROGRAMS:  

ACT Programs range from 2 to 4 months, and are customized to your students availability and timeline.

Students meet with instructors twice weekly on different days (once for an ACT Math/Science session, and once for an ACT English/Reading/Writing session), and then take a timed practice ACT tests at our office. Private sessions include an in-depth lesson on ACT material and review of practice test errors. 

  • Students meet twice a week with two specialized instructors for two 90 minute sessions, once for ACT Math/Science, and once for ACT English/Reading + Writing (Essay).  

  • All sessions with students are private, designed to each student’s ability, and run like a one-on-one interactive class - we help students understand the concepts behind ACT questions and learn the foundational principles that are involved in the ACT.

  • Each instructor, one for ACT Math/Science, and one for ACT English/Reading/Writing, will help students learn to identify the best strategy to use for each question type, and learn how to use similar approaches on analogous problems.

  • Students are assigned HW that corresponds to each week’s lesson so they have the opportunity to independently practice and ultimately master the content, skills and strategies they are learned in session with their teachers.

  • Students take a timed practice ACT test every week at our office to gain experience with the variety of real ACT test questions, use the skills they are learning in session on a real full length ACT test, practice time management, build test taking stamina, and track student progress.

  • We hope that we can not only significantly raise test scores, but fill foundational gaps in our students knowledge, while helping them feel more confident with the ACT, decreasing their stress, and in general, making their lives (and yours) a little easier.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Pricing: 

  • Individual Private Test Prep Tutoring rate is $200/hr.   

  • Test Prep Tutoring Packages: Contact us to hear our current package promotions.

  • Private Test Prep Tutoring Includes: 

    • Customized private lessons and structured curriculum taught by experienced and enthusiastic teachers who have scored in the top 1% of these tests.

    • Study materials and assignments for students work on at home between sessions. 

    • Structured program for students to be prepared within their time-frame.

    • Practice SAT/ACT tests.

We also offer Private Section Specific ACT Tutoring for each of the ACT Sections: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay.