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Studying for your college entrance exams without a baseline score can lead to inefficient studying and suboptimal final results. Our free in-person practice exams can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as simulate the real exam environment.

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What To Expect From The ACT / SAT Practice Test

Arrive at our Sorrento Valley location on Sunday at 9:50am

Take a full-length SAT or ACT practice exam, inclusive of all sections

Receive your detailed results over email in two (2) business days

Have clear insight into where to focus your exam prep efforts

About Pivot Tutors

At Pivot Tutors we offer the very best tutoring and test preparation available in San Diego County. We aim high, challenging our students to go above and beyond their own expectations. We believe in them and in their potential to reach for the stars, and our job is to help them get there.

Our tutors aren't just experts in their fields, they're experienced, passionate, and bring an infectious energy to every session. We're committed to making sure our students don't just learn the material at hand, but also develop lifelong skills that will help them succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Feedback From Our Students & Parents

“Amazing, I cannot say enough great things about Pivot. They fully prepared my son for the ACT. His score increased by 5 points. It made all the difference in the world. Not only is their program strong, but their tutors are fantastic. They motivated him even when he was getting frustrated. He doesn't like doing homework, but he studied and did all his homework for his tutors. I am really impressed with the whole staff. Thank you for inspiring him to achieve his goals!“

Wendy M.

“ Both of my daughters have worked with Pivot tutors over the past 3 years, for both ACT prep and help with honors level/AP classes. Pivot has been a great resource for our family - both girl's ACT scores went up significantly after participating in their summer ACT prep programs. Pivot staff is very accessible and immediately responsive to questions and concerns, they work well with busy student schedules, and have subject matter experts that work with students for each academic area. “

Sue H.

“Pivot Tutors are very effective in helping students grasp difficult abstract concepts, but really what I found them to be the best for is organization of study habits and review. I tend to not be sure where to start when it comes to studying, but the wealth of review materials and knowledge they have accumulated makes that process much less daunting and really makes one's review sessions much more effective in terms of identifying holes in your knowledge and addressing them.“

Rich M.

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ACT/SAT Diagnostic Test
ACT/SAT Diagnostic Test

ACT/SAT Diagnostic Test

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