Each tutoring session with our instructors offers:

  • Personalized academic support throughout the school year, for a specific exam or project.

  • Our teachers will customize a tutoring curriculum that matches your student's learning style, speed, and timeline.  

  • Our students leave every session with a scheduled study plan and additional materials to continue studying the subject independently.  

  • Pivot Tutors teachers are experts in their respective fields with a degree in the subjects they teach.  

  • We create a supportive academic environment and build positive student-teacher relationships, allowing students to gain the confidence they need to excel academically.

Tutoring session are 1 hr, 1.5 hrs, or 2 hrs depending on the subject, the level of the student, and timeline. 

Each tutoring session will help your student grow and develop the skills of an independent learner, an invaluable skill necessary for college success.

  • Teach students to avoid careless mistakes.

  • Review the problems and concepts that are most notorious for students to make mistakes on.

  • Teach students ahead to help them be prepared for upcoming lessons.

  • Provide additional materials for your child to use for practice.

  • Develop a study plan to follow between tutoring session so students can stay organized.

  • Direct students toward resources that will be valuable toward their class success.

  • Support our students and provide accountability.

  • Challenge our students to help them stretch their learning skills and grow into creative thinkers.

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MATH Tutoring
Core Curriculum Math
Math Analysis
Calculus (AB, BC)
Calculus 3/4
Linear Algebra
Statistics (AP)

SCIENCE Tutoring
Physics, AP Physics 1/2
Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Biology, AP Biology
Computer Science AP

English Language (Honors/AP)
English Literature (Honors/AP)
US History (AP)
World History (AP)
Art History (AP)
European History (AP)

Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4 and AP
French 1, 2, 3, 4 and AP

  • Individual Sessions: Academic Private Tutoring is $180/hour.

  • Packages: Contact us to hear our current package promotions.

Contact us to speak with our Director and to find the best fit tutoring program to meet your child's needs and help them get ahead.