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Suzy K. (Parent), La Costa Canyon High School, Class of 2018

'Pivot Tutors was highly recommended to me by our college counselor.  My son needed support in reading and english for the ACT. Pivot Tutors came up with a specific tutoring plan and my son was able to get an amazing score on the ACT the 1st time around. His score was so high he will not need to take it again. This was very different from our experience with our older child. The practice tests perfectly prepared him to nail the score first time out. I can't say enough about Pivot Tutors and only wish I has known about them with my older child! Well done and thank you!'

Carolyn B. (Parent), The Bishop's School, Class of 2019

'Pivot Tutors came highly recommended by a private college counselor. We have used their team of very strong tutors for two of our kids for ACT prep.  They helped raise my older son's scores from 24 eventually to 33. They not only did an excellent time privately teaching him, but also recognized some learning issues he had that ended up qualifying him to receive extra time. This was extremely helpful. We have tried other test preps and no one compares to Pivot. We have also just finished using Pivot for my younger son and his ACT scores have improved by 25%.  

Pivot Tutors is very good at customizing the experience so your son or daughter learns what he or she needs to learn, and doesn't waste time learning what they don't need to know. It is worth the investment and we wouldn't use anyone else. Can't say enough good things honestly.  They are excellent.'

Mary D. (Parent), Canyon Crest Academy, Class of 2019

'Pivot Tutors is the best. The staff is knowledgeable and great at engaging kids. My son used them for ACT prep the summer before Junior year and got a 33 composite on the first try. They also helped him to  raise his SAT math II score from a 690 to an 800. Pivot was also a great resource for AP Calc and AP Bio test prep. The Pivot Tutors team did an amazing job.'

Sharon J. (Parent), Canyon Crest Academy, Class of 2018

'Pivot Tutors runs the best tutoring resource I have found in San Diego.  I have two kids, in 10th and 12th grades, both with different learning styles and needs.  The tutors at Pivot Tutors were able to give amazing help to both kids in a variety of subjects.  My daughter was working with another tutor on the ACT and, with dyslexia, she struggled with the reading section, unable to get past a 28.  When we moved her to Pivot tutors, only 3 weeks before the ACT, the tutoring she received helped target what she needed and explained it in a way that she could understand, and she was able to get a 34 on reading, a 35 on math which was also helped by Pivot tutors, and a 34 Composite.  I definitely give Pivot Tutors the credit for preparing her to do so well.  In addition to ACT tutoring, we have used this center for class help. I love that there are so many well educated and super nice tutors for so many subjects.  All of the tutors have been top notch.  And the scheduling has been flexible to meet the needs that my kids actually have.  I would highly recommend Pivot Tutors!'

Trevor F., Pivot Charter High School, Class of 2017

'Dear Shayda and Jessica:

I am so excited to report that Trevor’s latest composite ACT score is 32 – up 4 points from a score of 28!

Jessica: You were right about the good things you heard from others about Pivot Tutors.  I would highly recommend them because they made Trevor feel comfortable, confident and equipped!

Shayda: Thank you so much for opening new doors of possibility to Trevor! It is like Christmas again as we await to hear from schools!  Trevor already received acceptance into Cal Poly Pomona.  You also made me feel calm on that first phone call I had with you.

- A Hopeful Mom'

Hannah L., Rancho Bernardo High School, Class of 2018

"Pivot Tutors is the best!! I came in with an average baseline score and absolutely no idea how to approach the ACT science section. I went from a 28 to a 32 just by taking classes over the summer! I improved my science score by 6 points! My reading and english score shot up 3 and 5 points, respectively. They improved my reading skills and mathematical analysis skills! No regrets going here. 100% would recommend to anyone who asks. Pivot has the nicest teachers! My english tutors (Maggie/Jenn) are miracle workers! I have absolutely no complaints. If you want to improve your scores, this is the place to do it! Good luck! Love you Pivot Tutors!!!!!! Stay amazing!!"

Isabelle L.,  Carlsbad High School, Class of 2016. UC Santa Barbara, Class of 2020. (UC Regent Scholar)

"When I first started my ACT prep, I positively dreaded having to spend long hours preparing with any tutor. With just the right balance of fun and determination to see her kids reach greatness, Pivot Tutors is all that great educators should be. 

Pivot raised my ACT scores from a 28 (without studying) to a 32, which is fantastic considering the short period time I had to prepare. With endless resources, practice tests, and a clear mastering of any material, students can expect to gain as much out of Pivot's assistance as they put in. When concerning my experience with tutoring for AP Calculus AB, I think having never received a test grade lower than a 92% speaks for itself. 

Simply put, you will never fully comprehend your intellectual capabilities until you work with a person who unearths the strengths in her kids and tailors each session to your needs. Walking away from each session, you'll feel more confident in not only your academics, but in yourself as well. Thanks to Pivot, I know I do."

Rich M., Canyon Crest Academy, Class of 2017

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Pivot, I have been working with them for three years now and I have never even thought about going to anyone else in that time. Pivot has tutored me for Pre-Calc, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, and the ACT, and as their student I have received 5's on both of my AP calculus exams, and their tutoring has raised my ACT score from a 30 on my first practice test to a 34 on the real thing. 

The Pivot tutors are very effective in helping students grasp difficult abstract concepts, but really what I found them to be the best for is organization of study habits and review. I tend to really not be sure where to start when it comes to studying, but the wealth of review materials and knowledge about the classes at the nearby high schools they have accumulated makes that process much less daunting and really makes one's review sessions much more effective in terms of identifying holes in your knowledge and addressing them. 

There is no doubt that there are plenty of effective tutors out there, but what really sets Pivot apart is the personality of their tutors themselves. They are all (I have worked with Shayda, Maggie, and Michelle in the past) extremely intelligent and passionate about the subjects that they teach, as well as being very personable: everything from their simple genuine interest in the lives of her students to the rolling buffet of food often pilfered from the Hera Hub kitchen (which once included an unbelievably strong cinnamon candy given to her by another student that she tricked me into having, which led to my discovery that calculus is much harder when you feel as if you just drank gasoline and a lit match). Their enthusiasm really makes the heaps of practice problems that much less painful and really motivates you to continue studying and to perform at your best. 

Another unique benefit of going to Pivot is the level of communication, this can be a real lifesaver when you have those heart attack inducing moments when you realize that you don't understand something before a big test. 

One thing I should mention: Pivot is not the traditional tutoring company in the sense that while they are definitely helpful for students struggling in classes; they are more geared toward the highly motivated, high-achieving student who needs more of an academic "coach" to maximize their potential than a tutor to help fix low performance.

I'll admit that I dreaded the thought of going to a tutor in the beginning, but my mind was completely changed after the first session at Pivot, and I will definitely miss my tutors as I begin college next year. I could sing the praises of Pivot all day long but the only way to really get a sense of what sets Pivot apart is to go see them in person, I promise you won't be disappointed."

Dan-Linh L., Carlsbad High School, Class of 2016, UC Santa Cruz, Class of 2020

"Pivot is amazing! There were able to take my ACT score and boost it up to a 29 from a 25. Not only are their teachers highly qualified and intellectual, what's different at their business is that they offer realistic test prep, in addition to studying just the material. Shayda observes each student carefully to understand each of his or her needs and focus on the weak points, while amplifying our strengths. Also, Pivot provides nice snacks and tea which is a huge bonus and gets you through the 100th math problem."

Paul H., Canyon Crest Academy, Class of 2016, Colorado State University, Class of 2020

Pivot is AMAZING!!! I started going to see them my junior year at Canyon Crest Academy for help with my math classes, because I was so stressed, and all of my friends said that they were amazing!  Pivot helped me raise my grade from a C to an A! I continued to use them throughout high school and I still use them today! I go to Colorado State University and they face time me a couple times a week to tutor me in my Calculus classes. I really like their teaching style, because my teacher simplifies topics and makes them much less intimidating. I also really like them because their teachers make you feel so relaxed and at home. I know from experience, that it can be really stressful in high school, particularly in junior and senior year, with college apps, SAT and ACT, and AP's. But trust me, Pivot will make it so much less stressful and will help you perform to the best of your abilities! I have referred so many people and every single one of them loved them! Another bonus, is that their teachers are very familiar with how the local schools teach their classes, and they have most of the books they use! Pivot has helped me so much over the years, and I can't even begin to thank them enough! I have tried so many tutors, and I can safely say that Pivot is the best by far!!! 100% recommend!!!

Neda F.,  La Jolla Country Day School, Class of 2017

"BEST ACT PREP COURSE!! Pivot has the best tutors I have ever had. They improved my score immensely. More importantly, they opened up their office to me and let me come in whenever I needed whether it was to do homework or just a place to sit. My ACT English tutor was absolutely amazing as well. He raised my English score to a 35, which was a score I never thought I would be able to get. To conclude, Pivot has an amazing program and truly cares for their students. My teacher's attitude made me motivated to do my work and even come in to take the ACT practice tests every Saturday. I had the most amazing time working with my teachers and would definitely recommend Pivot Tutors to every single person out there!"

Stephanie Wilk (Parent), Torrey Pines High School, Class of 2016

"I was referred to Pivot Tutors by a college counselor applications specialist.  My daughter was in Math Analysis.  She received a C on her first test.   I called Pivot Tutors first and never made the second reference call because after one conversation with Shayda, I felt they were the ones I wanted my daughter to work with. The The teachers at Pivot tutored my daughter her entire junior year.  Feedback from my daughter and her friends was that her teacher at school did not explain things well so Pivot became tutor/teacher.  My daughter went from a B- first semester to an A second semester. The first person she texted after she learned her final math test score 99%!

We also worked with Pivot for ACT prep.  First of all my daughter was tested for both testing options by Pivot tutors and it was decided that the ACT was the better test for her.  She took the ACT in April and received a score of 28 a huge improvement from where she started.  She worked diligently with both Shayda and Erika and repeated the ACT in June and received a 31.  All of her scores improved from April-June on each exam.  All I can say about these women are that they are complete professionals at their jobs.  I listened while Erika worked with my daughter (because she came to our home)  on reading and comprehension and every single problem they discussed right and wrong answers. You will never get this in a class of 25 or 35.  

Not only did they tutor her but they cared about her.  That is the most important thing I want to say about this organization.  They are invested in our children both intellectually and personally.   My daughter improved her math grades and excelled in her ACT prep and scores but most importantly, they instilled a greater self confidence, a desire to succeed, and for a somewhat insecure high school student, a  belief in herself and her potential.   That is priceless!  And responsiveness to emails and questions were immediate.  

I wholeheartedly recommend Pivot for individual tutoring and for college prep testing. "

Nina Williams (Parent), Cathedral Catholic High School student, Class of 2016

"Our relationship with PIVOT Tutors has been a very rewarding experience.  Our daughter's level of understanding of the material and her performance in her testing abilities all improved greatly over the time spent tutoring with Shayda.  Her ACT scores improved by 7 points with their guidance.  I recommend their services with the utmost confidence."

Clayton Jacobs, Torrey Pines High School, Class of 2015, Purdue University, Class of 2019

"Shayda is what every school teacher strives to be.  She has an extremely tailored approached to each individual student to let them meet however difficult their goals might be.  As my own tutor, Shayda not only helped me excel in my Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus courses, but also helped me develop my own tools for studying to be a more effective student than I ever was before.  The lessons both literal and figurative that Shayda taught me helped me succeed in my previous classes as well as giving me confidence as I enter a mathematic-center major at a rigorous university."

Isabelle Lee, Carlsbad High School, Class of 2015, Regents Scholar at UC Santa Barbara, Class of 2019 

"When I first started my ACT prep, I positively dreaded having to spend long hours preparing with any tutor. However, I was pleasantly surprised, as I’ve found not only an insightful mentor but also a great friend in Shayda. With just the right balance of fun and determination to see her kids reach greatness, Shayda is all a great educator should be. 

Shayda and Erika raised my ACT scores from a 28 (without studying) to a 32, which is fantastic considering the short period time I had to prepare. With endless resources, practice tests, and a clear mastering of any material, students can expect to gain as much out of Shayda’s assistance as they put in. I personally gave my everything to my studies and preparations, completing every practice test and any additional work given to me.
When concerning my experience with Shayda in AP Calculus AB, I think having never received a test grade lower than a 92% speaks for itself. Having worked with her for my entire senior year, we quickly cultured a quirky, efficient, and communicative relationship thus making learning easier than ever. I felt completely comfortable tackling the AP test and know it’s all thanks to Shayda. Her assistance and wisdom is so incredible, I would recommend her to any and every high school student.  Quite frankly, I can't imagine my senior year being the same without the impact and influence of her.
Simply put, you will never fully comprehend your intellectual capabilities until you work with a person who unearths the strengths in her kids and tailors each session to your needs. Walking away from each session, you'll feel more confident in not only your academics, but in yourself as well. Thanks to Shayda, I know I do.

Susan and Damon Couch (Parents), La Jolla Country Day School, Class of 2016

"Dear Shayda, Thanks so much for the wonderful experience you provided for our son Bradley! You were able to quarterback the entire process & team including our school, ACT, College Counselor, parents and of course our son. You also did a great job to  connect with our son to inspire and motivate him to want to do his best & work at a higher level. Your team also provided constant communication and feedback which was most important to us as parents. At the end of the program our sons ACT test score improved 37%. We will continue to engage Pivot Tutors in the future." 

Parent of Canyon Crest Academy student, Class of 2017

We are very blessed to have found Ms. Shayda Moshivaziri, Ph.D to tutor my daughter during her high schools years. Pivot Tutors has an outstanding team of tutors who has helped my daughter excel in advance math and science subjects. Their tutors were able to explain complex math and science in the simple terms so that students can understand the big picture/concepts. The teachers also have a dynamic and warm personality that is very encouraging and supportive. We trusted Piovt Tutors whole heartedly. With their effective tutoring, my daughter has achieved straight A in all her classes including Calculus AB/ BC/ AP chemistry with all 5’s in all her corresponding exams and 800 in SAT2 Math subject test. In additional, my daughter has more time to engage in volunteering / internship and extracurricular activities because she has mastered the subjects faster. We are always grateful for her wonders in teaching.